Linux guest crash cycles bacause of VMNET3 Bug in VMware ESX 6.5 Version 13

Behavior and Analysis

After we upgrades the VMWARE Version of an Actifio Appliance from ESX 6.5 Version 9 to 13 (the actual one) this Linux Guest crashed with VMware core dump again and again. Problem analysis was horrible.

Most time VMware HA had restarted the guest it crashed again if i tried to connect via SSH console. So it was a night mare in problem analysis but much time and a lot of retries later we succeded in scp download the vmcore files.

So we could analyse it and found the reason:


orabase doesn’t show the current oracle base path

As i noticed today „orabase“ command does not print the ORACLE_BASE path on standard out in my test environment.


Whats wrong? Is it a bug or a feature ?


What i expected …

  • Executing $ORACLE_HOME/bin/orabase show the oracle base directory without defined environment variable ORACLE_BASE.
  • This information is stored in $ORACLE_HOME/install/orabasetab during the installation process.
  • The orabasetab file is used to track Oracle Home associated with Oracle Base

But i got this:

My analysis steps …