orabase doesn’t show the current oracle base path

As i noticed today „orabase“ command does not print the ORACLE_BASE path on standard out in my test environment.


Whats wrong? Is it a bug or a feature ?


What i expected …

  • Executing $ORACLE_HOME/bin/orabase show the oracle base directory without defined environment variable ORACLE_BASE.
  • This information is stored in $ORACLE_HOME/install/orabasetab during the installation process.
  • The orabasetab file is used to track Oracle Home associated with Oracle Base

But i got this:

My analysis steps …

So i had a look into my orabasetab:

MOS Note 2225573.1 show correct orabasetab definition:

My results …

  • I made a typo during installation process or any other one
  • The Oracle Home and Base entries was separated by „/:“ in my orabasetab but should be separated by „:“ only.
  • This corrupted the orabasetab!
  • So i fixed this and orabase printed the right base path again.

Some interesting Links …

  • How to change the ORACLE_BASE parameter after an installation (Doc ID 1340176.1)
  • How To Change The Value For ORACLE_BASE In The Inventory Of A 12.1 RDBMS Home (Doc ID 2010941.1)
    • Starting with Oracle 12.1 you can not modify the the value of ORACLE_BASE in the inventory. You have to reinstall Oracle software.
  • orabase command returns no value instead of ORACLE_BASE value. (Doc ID 2225573.1)

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