Oracle database18c (exadata only) running on vbox now :)

The Oracle Database 18c software is available for Exadata installations and can be downloaded from

  • This is in line with Oracle’s Cloud & Engineered Systems First policy.
  • The 18c version is announced for onprem for July 2018.

But attention please !!!

  • My first Oracle Database 18c installation is now running on a virtual box.
  • This is of course not supported, but great for playing with new features.

my „exadata in a box“ 🙂

Many thanks to @andrewlacy2  for his research and support.

Here are the steps i have taken:


BUG: Oracle EM13c Repository DB zeigt In-Memory Option Nutzung

Beim Reporting der Oracle Database Feature Usage in der Umgebung eines meiner Kunden in der letzten Woche ist mir ein BUG bei der Auswertung des Enterprise Manager 13c Reporistory Datenbank aufgefallen.

Der Feature Usage Report bzw. DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS View zeigt an, dass die lizenzpflichtige In-Memory Option genutzt wird, obwohl seitens der DB-Administration keine Administrativen Tätigkeiten in dieser Hinsicht erfolgt sind.

Meine Analyse des Phänomäns hat dann ergeben …


Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Health Advisor Graphical User Interface (CHAG) available now!

You already know the Cluster Health Advisor (CHA) if you are familiar in troubleshooting Oracle RAC Problems.

  • It detects cluster and database problems.
  • It is started automaticaly and full integrated in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EMCC) incedent management.
  • Here you find a good youtube video about „How it Works and How to Use It

Now you can get a standalone, interactive, real-time Grafical User Interface CHA (CHAG)

  • for advanced customer use with Oracle RAC Database 12.2+ / GI (backport not planed for 11g)




some days ago one of my costomers got ORA-01031 when granting sys object privileges to another db user.

He used an user with DBA role to do this. The same grant works in 12.1 but not in 12.2.

Some analysis later i thought it’s a bug.

The GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE (GAOP) was implemented in Oracle 9.2 or 10.1 (doesn’t know currently). It works in 12.1 too but doesn’t work in 12.2.

I raised a service request and got the answers now.  –> It’s not a bug it’s a feature 🙂

Here are the facts:


orabase doesn’t show the current oracle base path

As i noticed today „orabase“ command does not print the ORACLE_BASE path on standard out in my test environment.


Whats wrong? Is it a bug or a feature ?


What i expected …

  • Executing $ORACLE_HOME/bin/orabase show the oracle base directory without defined environment variable ORACLE_BASE.
  • This information is stored in $ORACLE_HOME/install/orabasetab during the installation process.
  • The orabasetab file is used to track Oracle Home associated with Oracle Base

But i got this:

My analysis steps …